Consulting, Development, Rationalization & Innovation

PRODUCO is the innovative engine of the friction lining industry. We care about noise reduction in all applications of friction material.
Noise is a symptom, recognized by the customer. The causes are both varied and complex. PRODUCO is specialized on bringing the causes of noise to light.
We will find a suitable and effective way to solve your noise problems. From formulation to process we go into all details, to find the reason why and stop it.
You can rely on the PRODUCO, established in January 2001. Nevertheless we look back at 30 years of experience in the friction material industry.

PRODUCO' s success stories are the innovative products. Our most current products and procedures:    

The new and unique Noise-Minimizer, reduces brake noise and material wear

- PRODUCO Turbo Process (PTP)
The production times can be shortened up to the factor 5

- Rotation-Split-Granulation (RSG)
With RSG you save preforming

- Ready mixes from PRODUCO

  For PC disc brake pads & linings and CV disc & drum brake blocks

- PRODUCO Consulting

  Competent consultation with production- and pilot plant installation
  Implementation of economical friction lining formulations
  Common development of formulations for OE, OES and Aftermarket
  Planning and execution of tests and test series
  Development of testing formulations and special lining formulations
  ECE releases for existing friction linings
  Compilation of significant and technically founded market researches
  We find effective solutions to meet your individual requirements!



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